Compare and Despair

Comparison has been a recurring theme with a lot of my clients this past week. In fact, it happened while eating a snack with one of my clients today. But rather than allow this comparison to steal his joy, I am proud to say he was able to rationalize his way out of it. 

On days like today, when I have back-to-back clients and hardly a spare moment to use the restroom, I end up eating with my clients. When I pulled out a bag of trail mix this afternoon, I noticed my client’s eyes go wide. When I questioned his reaction, he explained he was shocked by what I was eating, as well as the serving size. However, the client immediately followed this statement by explaining this wasn’t fair of him—he didn’t know how hungry I was, what I had eaten prior to this snack, when I’d have a chance to eat again, or if I was honoring my intuitive eating cues.

Interactions like this are “proud mama” moments that I cherish. I am honored to play a part in the recovery process of so many—to help them push away disordered thoughts, find freedom from food, and embrace life to the fullest. 

This is my truth. What’s yours?