The Illusion of Control

What we try to control actually controls us… I recalled these powerful words while counseling one of my clients recently. She entered our session all smiles and explained that she’s “in control” of her bingeing and purging. 

Not compensating for her food is a huge step {and one that I am quite proud of}, but when I questioned her “control,” we discovered that it comes at a cost. This cost is freedom—from food, from diet culture, from societal ideals, from unrealistic standards, from comparison, and from so much more. Control means not participating in family traditions, not having a piece of birthday cake at a friend’s party, and not honoring your hunger and fullness cues. 

This session immediately made me think of an awesome conversation between Jessi Haggerty and McKenzie Zajonc. It’s all about listening to your inner nutritionist, which means allowing your body to eat what it’s asking for and when it’s asking for it. 

I challenged this client to honor her inner nutritionist this week. After all, the more we try to control what we eat, the more it actually controls our every thought, emotion, and action. 

This is my truth. What’s yours?

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