Over the years, I’ve learned that group fitness is my competitive kryptonite. Taking a class or running with others takes the enjoyment out of exercise for me. Rather than being connected to my body and how the movement feels, I find myself comparing what I am doing with the {speed/flexibility/stamina/appearance/strength} of others. 

Sure, I still partake in the occasional group activity, but I try to limit my triggers. How do I do this? 

1️⃣ Make sure it’s something I really want to do before signing up.
2️⃣ Research the facility and instructor—choose a studio without mirrors, find an instructor that makes it fun instead of punishing, and check out the studio’s social pages to see what they’re really about.
3️⃣ Try a class during non-peak hours to “get my toes wet.”
4️⃣ Bring a friend along!

Competition can drive progress and innovation, or competition can drive extremism and desperation. It’s up to you to determine what healthy competition is for you. Limiting group fitness activities allows me to show my body the respect and kindness it deserves. 

This is my truth. What’s yours?