I have had the privilege of working with Trish for the past year now and I am so thankful for that. I am a three time American Conference Rowing Champion, and my nutrition and health is what gives me the foundation to continue training at the division one level. Trish is a dedicated and compassionate individual that puts her time and energy into making you the healthiest version of yourself. Trish has helped me understand my body and nutritional needs, and I have seen great results because of it. She has taught me to be conscious and mindful when fueling my body, and I have learned many different things that I use in my everyday life and diet. Your nutritional health is so important—don’t sweep it under the rug anymore. You need to talk to Trish!

— Rachael


It has been a challenging journey working with Trish, but I can confidently say I would not have progressed this far without her. On top of her knowledge and nutritional advice, the support, encouragement, and care Trish has for me, as her client, is endless. She is always there for me. She knows when to empathize and sympathize with me, and when to give me a kick in the butt and push me harder towards recovery. I have truly gained more all-around happiness during my time working with her. I am able to value life and my experiences in a more positive light, and allow myself to eat delicious and pleasuring foods that I never thought I would let myself eat in a million years, guilt-free. I am closer to freedom and peace of mind every day. Life is more full, because of Trish.

— Marissa


Throughout my life I have always struggled with my weight and never figured out a way of eating the right foods and not restricting myself. After not having the athletic results I wanted my first year as a collegiate rower and the famous “freshmen 15”, I knew I had to find someone who would work with me and guide me towards a healthier lifestyle. Before meeting with Trish, I made the decision to become vegetarian, so I was nervous to meet a nutritionist who would maybe try to convince me to change my eating habits. Luckily, Trish did all the opposite, and was my number one fan since day one. She didn’t just support me fully, but also made it her mission to help me find new recipes and foods that would allow me to feel more comfortable in the kitchen and get all the nutrients I needed. This is why I am confident to say that Trish changed my life. She is a professional who goes above and beyond to make her clients feel comfortable in their own skin. Trish won’t just tell you what to eat but instead provides you with the tools and knowledge to follow the best nutritional path for your body. She is the type of nutritionist who will look up new recipes and also try them herself. She made sure to get to know me so she could provide me with all the information I needed and make my journey the best it could be. She is caring, honest, smart and overall the best nutritionist anyone could ask for. To date, I have not just lost weight and gained muscle, but thanks to Trish, I have learned to love my body and think of food as my best friend.

— Paula